Elevate Your Event to Stage Level...

Elevate Your Event to Stage Level...

And stay dry with a stage cover in Shreveport, LA

You can keep the night’s entertainment safe from the weather by having CSC Productions erect a stage cover. We provide safe stage line and hydrolux rooftop covers to protect those on stage from rain. Don’t let the weather shut down your event.

The band you booked won’t want to play while getting drenched by rain. They especially don’t want their equipment to be damaged. Renting a stage cover helps you make sure that your concert can’t be disrupted by inclement weather.

Rent a stage cover in Shreveport, LA for your outdoor show.

Make concert planning easier by using a concert stage

Organizing a concert involves a lot of factors. Cross one thing off your to-do list right now by booking a concert stage for the night of the show. You’ll give the hired band a perfect platform for performing their songs.

Our stages are as large as 60 ft. by 40 ft. You can choose the stage that’s the right size for you.

Prepare for your next event by requesting a concert stage in Shreveport, LA.